Wednesday, May 1, 2013

How do you do it all?

"How do you do it all?" is the most common question I am asked when I create my Candy and Dessert Buffets. I have 11 year old twins and work full time as well!

I guess the first thing is I would rather an evening in the kitchen than sitting on the couch watching tv! I find it relaxing and I don't get hassled from the family while I am in the kitchen either!

Secondly I am very conscious of the time needed for my Candy and Dessert Buffets. I plan then specifically with items that can be make 3 days in advance. There might be some macaroons, yo yos, cookies, jellies or some other dessert that can be totally or partially made a few days earlier.

I like to leave my cakes and cupcakes to the night before so they are fresh and light and that gives me the morning to redo any disasters (yes we all have them!)

For the special occasion this weekend I have already made one layer of jelly in push up pop containers, created a figurine for the cake and baked the cookies that will be iced tomorrow.

So I guess it's all about planning for the time you have to do everything so it is all not in a rush and gives you some extra time in case something goes wrong!

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