Sunday, May 26, 2013

Carnival Kids Birthday Party

Ok lets get to some detail, no more teasing! We had a Carnival Birthday Party for Amelia. There were 12 guests and mum focused on the games and some hot food while I decorated and baked!

So a Carnival Theme has to be red and white stripes right? We centered the decorations around red and white stripes, with a hint of blue to break it up a little.

We focused on what you would expect from a kids carnival and tried to present it in a birthday edible fashion. I did warn Mum that we did not cover dentist bills! So lets think Carnival, what springs to mind first? It has to be Toffee Apples!

     I still feel like I am teasing, here is a picture of our overall design! There were two tables. One the main table with Candy and Desserts, the other a beverage table, that had more sweets and desserts! (Please excuse the brick wall, I have decided I need another a canopy now!) Fitting everything on one table doesn't really work unless you are feeding 6! I often look at other people's fabulous photos and then think, hold on there is not enough food and isn't this what it is all about, gorgeous eye dropping food for all!
Cake details are coming...

 The lollies were Giant Jaffas, Blue Fairy Floss, Gumballs, Raspberry White Chocolate Bullets, Swirl Lollipops, Ice Cream Lollipops, red, white and blue Jelly Beans and red and blue Sour Clouds. We had a fabulous Ferris Wheel cupcake stand with Berry Cupcakes and a swirl of cream for the adults.
The desserts were scrumptious, Vanilla 'A' shaped red and white striped cookies, layered Jelly Push-Up Pops and Cake Pops.

The cake was presented as a circus tent with a figurine of the birthday girl at the entrance. 
The Cake was  Rainbow Vanilla Cake.
Beneath the cake was a layer of Hamburger Cupcakes, Popcorn Cupcakes and Ice Cream Sundae Cupcakes. The Hamburger Cupcakes had a Chocolate cupcake patty in the middle. Popcorn cupcakes were made with mini marshmallows and the Sundae ones are a bit obvious!

 Little details are always what add that golden touch. The little food tents, glass bottle labels, ribbons. fantastic Beehive drink dispenser and beautiful glass apothecary lolly jars.  Whilst they take time to set up and decorate, they make such a  difference. The printable design was supplied by the Pinkadotshop on Etsy.

 The outside area was decorated with matching lanterns, a red table cover and blue and white striped table runner. Our kids table and chairs added extra color. All throughout the decorations was the letter A for Amelia, no one could forget whose party it was! 
                               We hope you enjoyed our Chic 'n Sweet Carnival Candy and Dessert Buffet Design! Don't forget our website link below and facebook!

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  1. Super amazing Carnival Kids Birthday Party. The entire setup. Your choice is just fantabulous my friend. It is a perfect theme for a kid’s birthday bash. I also have to host a grand bash for my twin’s birthday so would love to use this idea. I also would be booking the rental event locations in LA for this bash.