Thursday, April 25, 2013

Welcome to Chic n Sweet's blog! We are excited to share with you our creative journey as we design customized candy and dessert bars across Melbourne! So where do we start? Well we have a function booked for 10 days time!! Wahoo! But where do we start?

Today I went to visit the customer and we spent some time discussing what their vision was, what was important to them and then how we would create that magical atmosphere come true.

We took a brief sketch out that looked similar to this. While the table wont be exactly like this it gives some idea. We also took images of the overall color scheme and finer design details.
Off course we discussed the finer details, like the number of people we were catering for, the other food available, the position of the buffet, and the lollies and desserts that were required.

This function needs a cake, numerous cupcakes, lollipops, rock candy, lollies, cake pops and much much more.

I have already ordered the candy and dessert buffet decorating items, I will have prep to do when they arrive, but now it's up to planning what timing is required for the food preparation.

We also have a buffet canopy to make! So much more to come your way!

Let us know if a sketch like above would be a helpful step in planning your candy and dessert bar.

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